Chairman’s Royal Club 2015


Chairman’s Royal Club

Sandals Resorts International invites Melinda Webb Huggan of Dreams and Destinations Travel, Ashburn, VA to a continued membership in the elite Chairman’s Royal Club


On January 2015, Sandals Resorts International invited Melinda Webb Huggan into the exclusive Chairman’s Royal Club again. In keeping with the company’s longstanding tradition of support and recognition of its travel agent partners, a select group of top travel agents who have continuously produced results and showcased loyalty to the resort brand have been invited into the Chairman’s Royal Club.

“For more than thirty years, I have recognized the power of travel agents and have had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside these talented people,” said Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resorts International. “There is no partnership we consider more important, and we are delighted to recognize the special status that these exemplary travel agents will enjoy through membership in the Chairman’s Royal Club.”

There are a number of qualifications Melinda has fulfilled in order to be eligible to join the Chairman’s Royal Club, demonstrating her sincere commitment to & knowledge of the Sandals Resorts brand. As a result of her hard work and dedication to the resort brand throughout the years, Melinda proved herself to be among the best travel agent partners in the region with this notable invitation. This elite status provides Melinda the opportunity to offer the best service possible to consumers in their area, and travelers who book with her will have access to the most prominent deals and up-to-date information on the resort properties.

According to Kevin Froemming, President of Unique Vacations Inc., relying on travel agents is one of the best ways consumers can get the most out of their Caribbean vacation.  “Vacations are memories in the making,” said Froemming.  “You don’t get a second chance to celebrate the perfect honeymoon or family reunion. It has to be just right. Travel agents such as Melinda are helping us to match customers to their ideal Luxury Included® property. We congratulate Melinda Webb Huggan for her continued membership of the Chairman’s Royal Club, and wish her and Dreams and Destinations Travel of Ashburn, VA continued success.


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