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Let’s face it, wedding planning can be stressful.  Which is why we think the honeymoon is the most important wedding plan you will make together as a couple and should be planned early in the planning process.  Your honeymoon is where you will reconnect, reminisce and be reminded of why you chose each other to begin with.    For many couples a mortgage and a growing family aren’t far behind the wedding.  Often couples who postpone their honeymoon find it increasingly difficult to take a honeymoon far beyond the wedding.  Since wedding planning often becomes a second full-time job for couples we recommend allowing for some time away together.    A honeymoon could be a mini-moon for couples dealing with time or budget constraints, an extravagant month long, multi-destination itinerary or any type of vacation the two of you find interesting and relaxing.

When is it too early to plan a honeymoon?

It is never too early to begin planning a honeymoon.  In most cases you won’t be able to purchase your flights until 330 days from your date to return home from your honeymoon and many hotels don’t offer rates until you are 12-18 months away from travel, but there are resorts that will allow booking up to 2 years out.  If your wedding date is years away we still recommend discussing your destinations/resorts of choice and getting an idea of average current cost.   While pricing is never guaranteed to remain the same for resorts and flights year to year, this will give you a rough idea of budget and where to begin saving.   Make sure you allow a portion of your wedding budget for your honeymoon and don’t borrow from it.   You will not regret it when you are relaxing together in the end.

Why should I not DIY my honeymoon?

You may be the Queen (or King) of wedding DIY.  You love your super cute save the dates, your center pieces are spectacular Pinterest success stories.  Why not DIY your honeymoon?  You’ve got this!  Right?    The question really comes down to time and expertise.  Do you really want to surf the internet for hours on end only to feel more confused and overwhelmed with the options and reviews?   Many honeymoon specialists do not charge fees (contrary to popular belief often they save time AND money) and they are there to oversee all of your details so that you don’t have to worry about that while you are also worrying about the caterer and the violinist and the cake and the band and…you get the idea.   Honeymoon specialists, like the consultants at Dreams and Destinations, make romance their business, from knowing the resorts and hotels that cater best to honeymooners to our rolodex of contacts that can make your honeymoon even more special.   At the end of the day you can’t VIP yourself, but we can.   That is a lot of added value for no additional cost and peace of mind that one of the most important vacations you will take as husband and wife is in good hands.

What is a honeymoon registry?

A customized honeymoon registry is one way that brides and grooms can add to their honeymoon package. Many guests would prefer to give lifetime memories and our complimentary honeymoon registry for our honeymoon and destination wedding clients gives them the opportunity to do so.

At Dreams and Destinations romance is our thing, from romantic destinations to romantic resorts.  Our honeymoon consultants will be able to provide you with customized suggestions and personalized service that extends through the honeymoon and your return home.  We offer special amenities and the little touches that truly make your honeymoon, regardless of destination, the vacation of a lifetime.

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