Lindsey and Andy are Getting Married!

Monday May 25, 2020

Lindsey and Andy have selected the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Jamaica that offers each and every guest An All Inclusive Experience by Hyatt.  Offering spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, this resort is only 15 minutes from Sangster International Airport(MBJ) and 5 minutes from world-class golf courses.  This all-ages resort will provide quality service at their beaches and pools with dedicated servers, a Moroccan-themed rooftop lounge, glistening pools, oceanfront fire pits, and not to mention some of the best jerk chicken in Jamaica. Recreation and relaxation is their goal for all guests to enjoy the best that Jamaica has to offer.  You will find gourmet cuisine and impressive accommodations, abundance of activities on land and sea. Every member of the family will enjoy this picture-perfect resort.



Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall


Each and every guest will be able to take advantage of the resorts  seven restaurants including gourmet buffets and unique a la carte restaurants.  Barefoot Jerkz, one of the resorts a la carte restaurants serves up the best jerk chicken in Jamaica.  You will not have to search for a bar or lounge on the property as the resort boasts five bars and lounges including Union Jack’Z a British-style pub.  If a swim-up bar is on your checklist you will find sprawling pools with swim-up bars and in-water sun shelves. Food is always on the menu with the resorts 24 hour in-suite dining.  


Traveling as a family?  No problem! Hyatt Ziva has an abundance of activities for little ones.  The KidZ Club offers supervised activities, fun and games for all of the younger guests traveling to the resort.   For guests who want a break away from the sun and fun the resort also offers a State-of-the-art facilities including the tranquil Zen Spa. You will find a full suite of salon, manicure, pedicure and aesthetic services right at your fingertips.  Refreshing treatments such as beach cabana massages, body scrubs and wraps featuring Blue Mountain coffee, ortanique fruit and water lilies are also on the menu. Treatments and rejuvenation rituals will definitely provide a a renewed sense of self and relaxation.


Room Options at Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall has room accommodations for every type of traveler, couples and family.  You will find 277 spacious all-suite accommodations, including signature swim-up suites, with breathtaking views of the ocean, pool and gardens.   All accommodations feature private balconies or terraces with plush king-size or two double beds. Each day you will find your minibar stocked with water, beer, soft drinks and snacks to make your stay more enjoyable.  We are sure that you will take advantage of their lavish toiletries, bathrobes and slippers provided in each of their suites.

If you decide to splurge on one of the resorts Club Level room categories make sure to brace yourself for the upgraded experience and added amenities.  The private check-in and check-out is combined with a dedicated concierge service team at the resort. You will also find some of the best views on the resort located in the Club level rooms.  The Exclusive Club Level Lounge will spoil you with imported premium drinks, appetizers and continental breakfast, table games, books, and much more.



Ziva Deluxe Resort View

 SingleDoubleTripleQuadChild 0-3Child 4-17
3 Night Stay$922.00$589.00 per person$553.00 per person$535.00 per person$22 per child$250.00 per child
Night Stay$1,230.00$778.00 per person$730.00 per person$706.00 per person$22 per child$326.00 per child
Night Stay$1,532.00$967.00 per person$907.00 per person$877.00 per person$22 per child$402.00 per child
Night Stay$1,834.00$1,156.00 per person$1,084.00 per person$1,048.00 per person$22 per child$478.00 per child
Each Additional Night$302.00 per night$189.00 pp/night$177.00 pp/night$171.00 pp/night$22 per child/night$76.00 per child/night
1 King or 2 Double Beds. Rates are per person.

Ziva Ocean View

 SingleDoubleTripleQuadChild 0-3Child 4-17
3 Night Stay$982.00$622.00 per person$583.00 per person$562.00 per person$22 per child$262.00 per child
Night Stay$1,302.00$822.00 per person$758.00 per person$742.00 per person$22 per child$342.00 per child
Night Stay$1,622.00$1022.00 per person$957.00 per person$922.00 per person$22 per child$422.00 per child
Night Stay$1,942.00$1,222.00 per person$1,144.00 per person$1,102.00 per person$22 per child$502.00 per child
Each Additional Night$302.00 per night$200.00 pp/night$187.00 pp/night$180.00 pp/night$22 per child/night$80.00 per child/night
1 King or 2 Double Beds. Rates are per person.


Ziva Club

 SingleDoubleTripleQuadChild 0-3Child 4-17
3 Night Stay$997.00$634.00 per person$592.00 per person$571.00 per person$22 per child$268.00 per child
Night Stay$1,322.00$838.00 per person$782.00 per person$754.00 per person$22 per child$350.00 per child
Night Stay$1,647.00$1042.00 per person$972.00 per person$937.00 per person$22 per child$432.00 per child
Night Stay$1,972.00$1,246.00 per person$1,162.00 per person$1,102.00 per person$22 per child$514.00 per child
Each Additional Night$325.00 per night$204.00 pp/night$190.00 pp/night$183.00 pp/night$22 per child/night$82.00 per child/night
1 King or 2 Double Beds. Rates are per person.

Ziva Oceanfront

 SingleDoubleTripleQuadChild 0-3Child 4-17
3 Night Stay$1048.00$667.00 per person$622.00 per person$601.00 per person$22 per child$283.00 per child
Night Stay$1,390.00$882.00 per person$822.00 per person$794.00 per person$22 per child$370.00 per child
Night Stay$1,732.00$1097.00 per person$1022.00 per person$987.00 per person$22 per child$457.00 per child
Night Stay$2,074.00$1,312.00 per person$1,222.00 per person$1,180.00 per person$22 per child$544.00 per child
Each Additional Night$342.00 per night$215.00 pp/night$200.00 pp/night$193.00 pp/night$22 per child/night$87.00 per child/night
1 King or 2 Double Beds. Rates are per person.


Ziva Swim-Up

3 Night Stay$1126.00$709.00 per person$664.00 per person$643.00 per person
Night Stay$1,494.00$938.00 per person$878.00 per person$850.00 per person
Night Stay$1,862.00$1,167.00 per person$1,092.00 per person$1,057.00 per person
Night Stay$2,230.00$1,396.00 per person$1,306.00 per person$1,264.00 per person
Each Additional Night$368.00 per night$229.00 pp/night$214.00 pp/night$207.00 pp/night
1 King or 2 Double Beds. Rates are per person.


Ziva Oceanfront Junior Suite

 SingleDoubleTripleQuadChild 0-3Child 4-17
3 Night Stay$1,225.00$778.00 per person$727.00 per person$703.00 per person$22 per child$328.00 per child
Night Stay$1,626.00$1,030.00 per person$962.00 per person$930.00 per person$22 per child$430.00 per child
Night Stay$2,027.00$1,282.00 per person$1,197.00 per person$1,157.00 per person$22 per child$532.00 per child
Night Stay$2,428.00$1,534.00 per person$1,432.00 per person$1,384.00 per person$22 per child$634.00 per child
Each Additional Night$401.00 per night$252.00 pp/night$235.00 pp/night$227.00 pp/night$22 per child/night$102.00 per child/night
1 King or 2 Double Beds. Rates are per person.

Ziva 1 Bedroom Oceanfront Butler Suite

 SingleDoubleTripleChild 0-3Child 4-17
3 Night Stay$1,483.00$937.00 per person$877.00 per person$22 per child$391.00 per child
Night Stay$1,970.00$1,242.00 per person$1,162.00 per person$22 per child$514.00 per child
Night Stay$2,457.00$1,547.00 per person$1,447.00 per person$22 per child$637.00 per child
Night Stay$2,944.00$1,852.00 per person$1,732.00 per person$22 per child$760.00 per child
Each Additional Night$487.00 per night$305.00 pp/night$285.00 pp/night$22 per child/night$123.00 per child/night


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Important Payment Dates

Initial Deposit of $200.00 per person – August 9, 2019

50% of Total Package Cost – November 1, 2019

Final Payment – March 1, 2020

How to Confirm your Reservation

Once you have decided on the perfect room for your stay we are here to handle every detail.  We want to make the reservation process as seamless as possible for all of the wedding guests. Each of you will have a dedicated travel consultant to assist with your reservation process. Anna and Mandy will be your dedicated travel consultants with Dreams and Destinations Travel. All of the Fields and Bryant wedding guests have a dedicated travel consultant based on the first letter of your last name. Please reach out to your travel consultant with any questions, concerns and they will assist you with everything needed to confirm your reservation.

If your last name begins A-L you will be working with Anna




If your last name begins M-Z you will be working with Mandy




When confirming your reservation you will click on the BOOK NOW button and submit the following details:

  • Travel Dates
  • Names (exactly how they read on your passport)
  • Dates of Birth
  • Room Category (Should be written in the comments section of the payment form)
  • Select your dedicated travel consultants name in the drop down box
  • Select or Decline the travel insurance (Payment for the travel insurance is due at the time of initial deposit.  Price per person is indicated below.  Please make sure you add this to your room reservation deposit when selecting “yes” to the insurance).

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is optional and available for up to $119.00 per person.  The plan is purchased with initial deposit and is nonrefundable once purchased. Travel insurance is not automatically included in your package.  If you select “yes” for insurance please include the total cost of insurance being purchased for your room in your initial deposit.  If you do not include it in your deposit you won’t be covered. Insurance is highly recommended as travel suppliers, airlines and resorts often charge fees for trip change/cancellation after payment has been made. Dreams and Destinations Travel Agency is not responsible for penalties or fees should you change or cancel your trip.

For plan details and description please click on the link provided. If you have any additional questions please contact your dedicated travel consultant.



Images by and used with permission of Playa Resorts


Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

Rose Hall, Jamaica


Your dedicated travel agent is based off of your last name, please see below.

Anna Crawford – handling all reservations for last names beginning with A-L

(704) 995-1582

Mandy Zytnik – handling all reservations for last names beginning with M-Z

Wedding Guest Payments