Mackenzie and Chris

April 9, 2021

To our family and friends- We are so excited to share this special time in our lives with you. We also understand the financial expense that comes with a wedding that doubles as vacation so under no circumstance should you feel obligated to attend. However, we would love to celebrate with each and every one of you next spring as we become Mr. & Mrs. Beyer.

We have selected The Royalton Punta Cana, located in the Dominican Republic for our upcoming destination wedding. This is a kid friendly all inclusive resort however does have an adults-only side. Kids will be allowed at the ceremony however not at the reception. There is in-room child care available through the resort for those that may need it (typically runs around $20 an hour). The ceremony and reception will be held on the beach so bring the proper shoes! Grab your sunglasses and sunscreen and get ready to have an amazing time as we celebrate our union! #BeyerToBe #SomethingBlueSomethingBeyer #BlissfullyBeyer



Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino


Mackenzie and Chris have selected Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino, and  Hideaway at Royalton Punta Cana, on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic for their destination wedding.  This is an amazing destination offering beautiful blue water with white sand beaches and a perfect backdrop for their wedding event.

Upon arriving to your resort you will experience the charming culture of the Dominican along with exceptional service, modern facilities, and excellent cuisine. These resorts offer guests a variety of pools to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for a tranquil poolside experience or a lively pool day with a lot of entertainment and activities, you will find everything in between and wedding guests will also enjoy access to the neighboring Memories Splash Waterpark.


Enjoy cuisines from around the world, along with local selections, in buffet-style or a la carte dining venues. Grab a signature cocktail, and mingle with other wedding ​guests at the many on site bars. Treat yourself to a mid-afternoon coffee or​ dessert at the cafe. Every room will have ​24-hour room service giving you the flexibility to have meals in the comfort of your own room or suite while you enjoy Punta Cana’s beautiful sunsets.

Traveling as a family?  No problem!  Royalton has an abundance of activities for families.  Offering one of the largest waterparks in the Caribbean, to the Clubhouse Kids Club and a great selection of sports and recreation activities, your children will thank you for a trip of a lifetime.  Have your children interact with others their age in a variety of sports and activities, including beach volleyball, ping pong, cooking classes, dance classes, trivia games, aquatic Olympic competitions, aerobics classes, and weight-training with professional instruction, in addition to Hangout Teen Lounge’s daily organized activities.  Your teens will have the freedom to enjoy many of our on-site amenities (included with stay) on their own time.  Ending the day, they will meet to watch live performances at the open-air theatre by night.

When you want to unwind after a long pool day with all of the wedding guests Royalton Punta Cana offers the full-service Royal Spa with it’s wellness focus, hydrotherapy circuit and a full-range of massage, body and facial treatments featuring time honored healing practices. (Not included in the all-inclusive package) Experience complete relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with packages focused on the whole body. The professional staff at Royal Spa are dedicated to helping you relax, while ensuring you’re refreshed and ready to enjoy your tropical vacation.

Want to try your luck? ​The resort offers a casino designed to provide an exciting experience and makes for a night of fun gaming. The casino has a variety of slot machines and table games so, regardless of your level of interest or experience, there is something for every guest.  Stop by to try your luck!

Room Options at Royalton Punta Cana

Royalton Punta Cana is comprised of 2 distinct sections that we are offering for the wedding group, unique to each traveler’s vacation style.   The Luxury Accommodations and the Diamond Club Accommodations are the same it’s the service level offered for each guest that differentiates the experience while on property.  The Diamond Club is a premium level of service that features the comfort of anticipatory service, exclusive à la carte restaurants and bar areas, as well as the shimmering pool and pristine beach areas for the sole use of Diamond Club™ guests. Highly trained butlers help fulfill your every request, including dinner reservations and the organizing of special occasions. We have included the amenities for each of level of accommodations for you pick which best suits your needs.

Luxury Accommodations

  • Royalton Signature DreamBed™
  • 24 hour concierge service
  • Unlimited Free WiFI for all your devices
  • Rain showers
  • Stocked mini-bar
  • Balcony or terrace
  • In-suite Jacuzzi soaker tub
  • High thread count sheets
  • USB recharge and Bluetooth audio stations
  • In room safe
  • Satellite television
  • 24 hour room service
  • Ironing board, coffee maker and hairdryer

Diamond Club Accommodations

  •  Preferred room locations
  •  Butler services
  • Preferential reservations in à la carte restaurants
  • Exclusive bar and beach area with waiter service
  • Distinctive wrist bracelet
  • Personalized check-in and check-out
  • Early check-in and late check-out (subject to availability)
  • Exclusive Diamond Club™ Lounge access
  • Selected premium drinks menu available in lounge
  • Daily continental breakfast service in lounge
  • Evening hors d‘oeuvres and afternoon snacks including decadent desserts in lounge
  • Upgraded room service menu
  • Pillow menu
  • Luxury amenities in room
  • Mini-bar (re-stocked daily)
  • Robes and slippers in room
  • 10% discount on spa treatments and hairdresser

Mackenzie and Chris have held  a block of rooms at the Royalton to ensure that their guests were guaranteed room availability and pricing.  Please see the room options below. Royalton offers a wide range of accommodations, we can add any room that you would like at the resort.


Hideaway at Royalton Punta Cana

Looking for Adults-Only Room Accommodations?  No problem! We have rooms held for the wedding group in the adults-only section of the property called Hideaway at Royalton Punta Cana.  We have something for everybody!


Luxury Room

Single Double Triple QuadChild Age 0-2Child Age 3-12
3 Night Stay$766.00 per adult$520.00 per adult$481.00 per adult$460.00 per adult$31.00 per child$277.00 per child
4 Night Stay$1,011.00 per adult$683.00 per adult$631.00 per adult$603.00 per adult$31.00 per child$359.00 per child
5 Night Stay$1,256.00 per adult$846.00 per adult$781.00 per adult$746.00 per adult$31.00 per child$441.00 per child
6 Night Stay$1,501.00 per adult$1,009.00 per adult$931.00 per adult$889.00 per adult$31.00 per child$523.00 per child
Each Additional Night$245.00 per adult/night$163.00 per adult/night$150.00 per adult/night$143.00 per adult/night$31.00 per child/night$82.00 per child/night

Diamond Club Ocean View Room

Single Double Triple QuadChild Age 0-2Child Age 3-12
3 Night Stay$961.00 per adult$652.00 per adult$598.00 per adult$574.00 per adult$31.00 per child$343.00 per child
4 Night Stay$1,271.00 per adult$859.00 per adult$787.00 per adult$755.00 per adult$31.00 per child$447.00 per child
5 Night Stay$1,581.00 per adult$1,066.00 per adult$976.00 per adult$936.00 per adult$31.00 per child$551.00 per child
6 Night Stay$1,891.00 per adult$1,273.00 per adult$1,165.00 per adult$1,117.00 per adult$31.00 per child$655.00 per child
Each Additional Night$310.00 per adult/night$207.00 per adult/night$189.00 per adult/night$181.00 per adult/night$31.00 per child/night$104.00 per child/night

Diamond Club Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite

Single Double Triple QuadChild Age 0-2Child Age 3-12
3 Night Stay$1,381.00 per adult$676.00 per adult$487.00 per adult$595.00 per adult$31.00 per child$343.00 per child
4 Night Stay$1,747.00 per adult$891.00 per adult$639.00 per adult$783.00 per adult$31.00 per child$447.00 per child
5 Night Stay$2,176.00 per adult$1,106.00 per adult$791.00 per adult$971.00 per adult$31.00 per child$551.00 per child
6 Night Stay$2,605.00 per adult$1,321.00 per adult$943.00 per adult$1,159.00 per adult$31.00 per child$655.00 per child
Each Additional Night$429.00 per adult/night$215.00 per adult/night$152.00 per adult/night$188.00 per adult/night$31.00 per child/night$108.00 per child/night

Diamond Club Luxury Swim-Out Room

Single Double Triple QuadChild Age 0-2Child Age 3-12
3 Night Stay$1,012.00 per adult$685.00 per adult$631.00 per adult$604.00 per adult$31.00 per child$358.00 per child
4 Night Stay$1,339.00 per adult$903.00 per adult$831.00 per adult$795.00 per adult$31.00 per child$467.00 per child
5 Night Stay$1,666.00 per adult$1,121.00 per adult$1,031.00 per adult$986.00 per adult$31.00 per child$576.00 per child
6 Night Stay$1,993.00 per adult$1,339.00 per adult$1,231.00 per adult$1,177.00 per adult$31.00 per child$685.00 per child
Each Additional Night$327.00 per adult/night$218.00 per adult/night$200.00 per adult/night$191.00 per adult/night$31.00 per child/night$109.00 per child/night


Hideaway at Royalton Punta Cana (Adults-Only)


Hideaway Luxury Room

Single Double Triple Quad
3 Night Stay$622.00 per adult$427.00 per adult$394.00 per adult$376.00 per adult
4 Night Stay$819.00 per adult$559.00 per adult$515.00 per adult$491.00 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,016.00 per adult$691.00 per adult$757.00 per adult$606.00 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,213.00 per adult$823.00 per adult$757.00 per adult$721.00 per adult
Each Additional Night$197.00 per adult/night$132.00 per adult/night$121.00 per adult/night$115.00 per adult/night

Hideaway Diamond Club Ocean View Room

Single Double Triple Quad
3 Night Stay$748.00 per adult$511.00 per adult$469.00 per adult$451.00 per adult
4 Night Stay$987.00 per adult$671.00 per adult$615.00 per adult$591.00 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,226.00 per adult$831.00 per adult$761.00 per adult$731.00 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,465.00 per adult$991.00 per adult$907.00 per adult$871.00 per adult
Each Additional Night$239.00 per adult/night$160.00 per adult/night$146.00 per adult/night$140.00 per adult/night

Hideaway Diamond Club Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite

Single Double Triple Quad
3 Night Stay$1,045.00 per adult$538.00 per adult$496.00 per adult$475.00 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,383.00 per adult$707.00 per adult$651.00 per adult$623.00 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,721.00 per adult$876.00 per adult$806.00 per adult$771.00 per adult
6 Night Stay$2,059.00 per adult$1,045.00 per adult$961.00 per adult$919.00 per adult
Each Additional Night$338.00 per adult/night$169.00 per adult/night$155.00 per adult/night$148.00 per adult/night

Hideaway Diamond Club Luxury Swim-Out Room

Single Double Triple Quad
3 Night Stay$808.00 per adult$547.00 per adult$505.00 per adult$481.00 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,067.00 per adult$719.00 per adult$663.00 per adult$631.00 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,326.00 per adult$891.00 per adult$821.00 per adult$781.00 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,585.00 per adult$1,063.00 per adult$979.00 per adult$931.00 per adult
Each Additional Night$259.00 per adult/night$172.00 per adult/night$158.00 per adult/night$150.00 per adult/night


Pricing above is per person and includes the following: Room Accommodations, Round trip transportation to and from the airport, all inclusive package, taxes and gratuities.

3 Night Minimum.  Only $100 per person to hold your reservation!



August 1, 2020 – Initial Deposit of  $100 per person 

October 15, 2020 – 2nd Deposit of 50% of room cost

December 15, 2020 – FINAL PAYMENT DUE 


How to Confirm Your Reservation


We want to make the reservation process as easy as possible for all of the wedding guests.   All of the Gerick and Beyer wedding guests have a dedicated Dreams and Destinations travel consultant based on the first letter of your last name. Please reach out to your travel consultant with any questions, concerns and they will assist you with everything needed to confirm your reservation.


Dreams and Destinations Travel will gladly assist you with your airfare to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. If you choose to book your own tickets, please fly into Punta Cana International Airport (code PUJ).   Air can be added at anytime to your package once we are within 330 days of your date of return. If you do choose to book your flights on your own please remember to provide us a copy of your flight itinerary in order to arrange your ground transfer included in your package.

If your last name begins A-L you will be working with Anna



If your last name begins M-Z you will be working with Mandy



When confirming your reservation you will click on the ​BOOK NOW  button and submit the following details:

  • Travel Dates
  • Names (exactly how they read on your passports)
  • Dates of Birth
  • Room Category (Should be written in the comments section of the payment form)
  • Select your dedicated travel consultants name in the drop down box
  • Select or Decline the travel insurance (Payment for the travel insurance is due at the time of initial deposit.  Price per person is indicated below.  Please make sure you add this to your room reservation deposit when selecting “yes” to the insurance).

Book Your Room

Travel  Insurance

Travel Insurance is OPTIONAL and available for purchase at the time of initial deposit. Travel insurance is not automatically included in your package.  Insurance is highly recommended as travel suppliers, airlines and resorts often charge fees for trip change/cancellation after your payment has been made.  Dreams and Destination Travel if not responsible for penalties or fees should you change or cancel your trip.  The cost of insurance is NONREFUNDABLE once purchased and insurance policies are NON-TRANSFERABLE.  The cost of your travel insurance is based upon the per person total package price of your vacation package. We have included the grid below for your reference.  

The plan includes 100% cash reimbursement in the event of cancellation of covered reasons.  It also includes reimbursement for cancellation due to ANY REASON up to 75% of the cost of your vacation package. Travel insurance does not cover change of occupancy in your reservation.  “For example decreasing from 2 adults to 1 adult in your room”.  

For a full explanation of benefits please visit


Book Your Room

Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Anna/Mandy are your dedicated travel agents who will put together your customized travel package for the wedding group. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to hear more about the options please feel free to reach out to them. They will be our point of contact for booking your stay and can help with accommodations, flights, transfers, and travel insurance (travel insurance is optional and available at an addt’l cost)

Your dedicated travel agent is based off of your last name, please see below.

Anna Crawford – handling all reservations for last names beginning with A-L

(704) 995-1582

Mandy Zytnik – handling all reservations for last names beginning with M-Z

Wedding Guest Payments