Nicole and Ed

Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 5:00pm

Hi everyone! Welcome to our wedding webpage! We are so glad you’re here and hope you’ll be joining us in Jamaica to help celebrate our big day!  

We have selected the Royalton Negril & Hideaway Resort & Spa for our destination wedding and hope you’ll love it as much as we do! This website was created to help guide you through all the steps of booking your accommodations and travel.  

Get your passports ready and let’s get this party started!

One love, 

Nicole & Ed


Stacey is our dedicated travel agent for our wedding group.  If you have any questions, concerns or just want to hear more about the options available, please feel free to reach out to her directly.  She will be the point of contact for booking your stay at Royalton Negril or the adult-only Hideaway at Royalton Negril and can also assist with your flights, transfers, add-on activities, travel insurance and more.  





The Royalton Negril Resort & Spa, complete with modern room accommodations, reservation-free dining at more than six restaurants and entertainment for any age, sits on a breathtaking clearwater beach offering some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean.  This resort masterfully blends Jamaica’s unique culture with a luxury product featuring top quality service, great attention to detail and exceptional personalized service. 

Royalton Negril is comprised of 3 distinct sections, each one unique to our guests’ needs and vacation styles. Choose from the standard Luxury room section or the upgraded Diamond Club™ section, or enjoy the ultimate luxury in the adults-only vacation oasis at Hideaway at Royalton Negril, which also offers an upgraded Diamond Club option as well.



Treat your taste buds to a flavor sensation as you feast on eclectic cuisines from around the world. Enjoy local and international delights in buffet style or a la carte dining venues, then grab a signature cocktail and mingle with other guests at the many on-site bars. Treat yourself to a mid-afternoon coffee and exquisite handmade dessert at the café. Royalton Negril has culinary creations to delight and impress even the most discriminating palettes.





We have secured a block of standard luxury rooms and upgraded Diamond Club rooms in the Hideaway section for all of our friends and family that would like to enjoy an adult-only atmosphere.  We’ve also secured a block of luxury family suites and upgraded Diamond Club family suites at the Royalton for those that would like a family-friendly atmosphere.  Anyone staying in the Hideaway section will enjoy privileges at both the adult-only and family-friendly sections.   
The upgraded Diamond Club rooms, which are available at both Royalton (family-friendly section) and Hideaway at Royalton (adult-only section) offer a premium level of service that includes butler service, exclusive a la carte restaurants and bar areas, as well as the shimmering Diamond Club pool and pristine Diamond Club beach areas that are reserved for the sole use of Diamond Club guests.  I highly recommend the Diamond Club level for an upgraded vacation experience! 


Royalton Negril Resort & Spa

Room Rates


Please see the per person package price listed below for each room categories available within our group block.  
The All-Inclusive Package Includes:
All meals, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, daily activities, evening entertainment, non-motorized water activities, roundtrip airport transfers, taxes and gratuities.
3 night minimum stay is required
We only require a $100 per person deposit to reserve your room!






Luxury Jr. Suite Ocean View

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad Adult
3 Night Stay$785 per adult$545 per adult$505 per adult$485 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,025 per adult$705 per adult$655 per adult$625 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,265 per adult$865 per adult$800 per adult$765 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,510 per adult$1,030 per adult$950 per adult$910 per adult
7 Night Stay$1,750 per adult$1,190 per adult$1,100 per adult$1,050 per adult
All Prices Are Per Person



Luxury Jr. Suite Ocean View - Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad Adult
3 Night Stay$930 per adult$640 per adult$595 per adult$570 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,220 per adult$835 per adult$770 per adult$740 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,510 per adult$1,025 per adult$945 per adult$905 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,800 per adult$1,220 per adult$1,125 per adult$1,075 per adult
7 Night Stay$2,090 per adult$1,415 per adult$1,300 per adult$1,245 per adult
All Prices Are Per Person



Luxury Jr. Suite Swim Out

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad Adult
3 Night Stay$910 per adult$630 per adult$580 per adult$555 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,195 per adult$820 per adult$755 per adult$720 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,475 per adult$1,005 per adult$925 per adult$885 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,760 per adult$1,195 per adult$1,100 per adult$1,050 per adult
7 Night Stay$2,045 per adult$1,385 per adult$1,275 per adult$1,215 per adult
All Prices Are Per Person


Luxury Jr. Suite Swim Out - Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad Adult
3 Night Stay$990 per adult$685 per adult$630 per adult$605 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,300 per adult$890 per adult$820 per adult$785 per adult
5 Night Stay$1,610 per adult$1,095 per adult$1,010 per adult$965 per adult
6 Night Stay$1,920 per adult$1,305 per adult$1,200 per adult$1,150 per adult
7 Night Stay$2,230 per adult$1,510 per adult$1,390 per adult$1,330 per adult
All Prices Are Per Person



Luxury Presidential One Bedroom Ocean View Suite - Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple Adult
3 Night Stay$1,410 per adult$735 per adult$685 per adult
4 Night Stay$1,860 per adult$960 per adult$890 per adult
5 Night Stay$2,310 per adult$1,185 per adult$1,095 per adult
6 Night Stay$2,760 per adult$1,410 per adult$1,305 per adult
7 Night Stay$3,210 per adult$1,635 per adult$1,510 per adult
All Prices Are Per Person


Luxury Penthouse One Bedroom Ocean View Terrace Jacuzzi - Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple Adult
3 Night Stay$1,550 per adult$805 per adult$745 per adult
4 Night Stay$2,045 per adult$1,055 per adult$975 per adult
5 Night Stay$2,540 per adult$1,300 per adult$1,200 per adult
6 Night Stay$3,040 per adult$1,550 per adult$1,430 per adult
7 Night Stay$3,535 per adult$1,800 per adult$1,660 per adult
All Prices Are Per Person





Luxury Jr. Suite

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$705 per adult$490 per adult$455 per adult$435 per adult$280 per child$385 per child
4 Night Stay$920 per adult$635 per adult$585 per adult$560 per adult$350 per child$495 per child
5 Night Stay$1,135 per adult$775 per adult$715 per adult$685 per adult$420 per child$600 per child
6 Night Stay$1,350 per adult$920 per adult$850 per adult$810 per adult$495 per child$710 per child
7 Night Stay$1,565 per adult$1,065 per adult$980 per adult$935 per adult$565 per child$820 per child
All Prices Are Per Person


Luxury Jr. Suite Ocean View

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$745 per adult$515 per adult$480 per adult$460 per adult$290 per child$405 per child
4 Night Stay$970 per adult$665 per adult$620 per adult$595 per adult$365 per child$520 per child
5 Night Stay$1,195 per adult$815 per adult$755 per adult$725 per adult$440 per child$630 per child
6 Night Stay$1,425 per adult$970 per adult$895 per adult$860 per adult$520 per child$745 per child
7 Night Stay$1,650 per adult$1,120 per adult$1,035 per adult$995 per adult$595 per child$860 per child
All Prices Are Per Person


Luxury Jr. Suite Ocean View Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$815 per adult$565 per adult$525 per adult$505 per adult$315 per child$440 per child
4 Night Stay$1,065 per adult$735 per adult$680 per adult$650 per adult$400 per child$565 per child
5 Night Stay$1,315 per adult$900 per adult$830 per adult$795 per adult$480 per child$690 per child
6 Night Stay$1,570 per adult$1,070 per adult$985 per adult$945 per adult$565 per child$820 per child
7 Night Stay$1,820 per adult$1,240 per adult$1,140 per adult$1,090 per adult$650 per child$945 per child
All Prices Are Per Person


Luxury Jr. Suite Swim Out

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$795 per adult$555 per adult$510 per adult$490 per adult$310 per child$430 per child
4 Night Stay$1,040 per adult$720 per adult$660 per adult$635 per adult$390 per child$555 per child
5 Night Stay$1,285 per adult$880 per adult$810 per adult$775 per adult$470 per child$675 per child
6 Night Stay$1,530 per adult$1,045 per adult$960 per adult$920 per adult$555 per child$800 per child
7 Night Stay$1,775 per adult$1,210 per adult$1,110 per adult$1,065 per adult$635 per child$925 per child
All Prices Are Per Person


Luxury Jr. Suite Swim Out - Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$890 per adult$615 per adult$570 per adult$545 per adult$340 per child$475 per child
4 Night Stay$1,165 per adult$800 per adult$740 per adult$705 per adult$430 per child$615 per child
5 Night Stay$1,440 per adult$980 per adult$905 per adult$865 per adult$520 per child$750 per child
6 Night Stay$1,720 per adult$1,165 per adult$1,075 per adult$1,030 per adult$615 per child$890 per child
7 Night Stay$1,995 per adult$1,350 per adult$1,245 per adult$1,190 per adult$705 per child$1,030 per child
All Prices Are Per Person



Luxury Family Suite Ocean View - Diamond Club

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultQuad AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$1,260 per adult$660 per adult$615 per adult$585 per adult$360 per child$510 per child
4 Night Stay$1,660 per adult$860 per adult$800 per adult$760 per adult$460 per child$660 per child
5 Night Stay$2,060 per adult$1,060 per adult$980 per adult$935 per adult$560 per child$810 per child
6 Night Stay$2,460 per adult$1,260 per adult$1,165 per adult$1,110 per adult$660 per child$960 per child
7 Night Stay$2,860 per adult$1,460 per adult$1,350 per adult$1,285 per adult$760 per child$1,110 per child
All Prices Are Per Person



Luxury Presidential Two Bedroom Ocean View

SIngle AdultDouble AdultTriple AdultChild Ages 2-12Teen Ages 13-17
3 Night Stay$1,705 per adult$885 per adult$720 per adult$270 per child$390 per child
4 Night Stay$2,250 per adult$1,160 per adult$940 per adult$340 per child$500 per child
5 Night Stay$2,795 per adult$1,430 per adult$1,155 per adult$405 per child$610 per child
6 Night Stay$3,345 per adult$1,705 per adult$1,375 per adult$475 per child$720 per child
7 Night Stay$3,890 per adult$1,980 per adult$1,595 per adult$545 per child$830 per child
All Prices Are Per Person


*Child Rates are only applicable when booking a room with 2 paying adults






You can reserve your room today by placing a $100 per person deposit.  This deposit can be placed by clicking the “Wedding Guest Payments” button below and completing and submitting the payment form.  Please be sure to put the room category you would like in the comments box along with any other requests or special needs.  Use booking confirmation #103122200 and choose Stacey A. as your agent. Reservations can also be placed by calling or emailing Stacey directly.


Book Your Room




Stacey will gladly assist you with your airfare to Montego Bay. If you’d like to add it to your booking, please email her your travel dates and preferred airport. If you choose to book your own tickets, please be sure to fly into Sangster International Airport (code MBJ). Airfare can be added once we are within 320 days of your return flight. If you book your own flights, please remember to provide Stacey a copy of your flight itinerary in order to arrange the ground transfers that are included in your room package.



Initial Deposit of $100 pp (plus travel ins., when applicable) due by August 1, 2021

2nd deposit of at least $500 per room due by October 1, 2021

Final Payment due by December 1, 2021

Flight Itineraries due by January 15, 2021





Cancellation and Travel Insurance

We offer an optional comprehensive travel protection plan that provides a 100% refund, minus the cost of insurance for covered reasons and a 75% refund, minus the cost of the insurance, in the event that you need to cancel your trip for ANY other reason.  You are able to cancel your trip up to 2 days prior to your scheduled departure date.  

Trip insurance is HIGHLY recommended as many travel suppliers, airlines and resorts charge fees for change/cancellation requests.   Dreams and Destinations is not responsible for penalties or fees should you change or cancel your trip. The insurance also provides you with medical coverage during your travels. The cost of insurance is non-refundable and insurance policies are non-transferable.  In many cases the cost of insurance is less than the cost of penalties or fees. Insurance MUST be purchased when submitting your initial deposit.  Prices are listed below.  For a full review of the policy and it’s coverage please click here



Insurance Rates

Trip Cost Per PersonInsurance Cost
Per Person
Up to $2,500 pp$179 per person
$2,501-$3,000 pp$219 per person
$3,001-$4,000 pp$279 per person
$4,001-$5,000 pp$349 per person
$5,001-$6,000 pp$419 per person
$6,001-$7,000 pp$489 per person
Rates are based on the per person trip cost.


Book Your Room





If cancelled on or before November 8, 2021………………….Loss of $100 pp room deposit 

If cancelled between November 9 – December 8, 2021………………Loss of $100 pp room deposit + penalty of 1 nt. pp 

If cancelled between December 9, 2021 – January 7, 2022………….…Loss of $100 pp room deposit + penalty of 2 nts. pp

If cancelled on or after January 8, 2022……………………………….100% penalty – no refund



Please ask Stacey about penalties specific to your flight details if purchased through Dreams and Destinations.

*Room penalties are covered by travel insurance, if purchased (offered at initial deposit) – 100% for covered reasons / 75% for non-covered reasons.  Go to to view the full travel insurance policy pamphlet (purchased after Feb. 1, 2021)


Royalton Negril Resort & Spa

Negril, Jamaica





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