ASID Carolinas San Miguel de Allende


Our 2018 and 2019 ASID Carolinas  San Miguel de Allende trips were immersive experiences that exceeded our expectations and overwhelmed our senses two years in a row!  Vibrant colors, varying textures, light and shadow playing together in homes, gardens and on the Colonial architecture.   Ordinary facades would give way to an open door revealing spectacular homes with stunning courtyard gardens enticing our entire group.   Dramatic sunsets bath the city in a colorful glow that can only be described as magic.   In between all this beauty were tours that allowed us to explore San Miguel,  observe the process of the historic Talavera ceramics, and appreciate the craftsmanship of Walker Zanger tiles.  We enjoyed sunset dinners in hillside homes, visited art galleries and jewelers. Toured private homes featured on national  TV shows.  We shopped in little stands and tucked away corners of the markets finding treasures to take home.   Our days ended in our luxury accommodation surrounded by art and high end regional decor at the Rosewood San Miguel.  And at the end of our trip most, if not all of us, had fallen in love with San Miguel de Allende.



Crafted…Specialized…Attention to Details…Flawless Execution Enthusiasm…Seamless…Exemplary Service…Beautiful surroundings…

Sounds like a DREAM interior design experience? Yes!! Isn’t this what designers strive to do for their clients?

However, all these words describe the amazing travel experience Dreams and Destinations provided to ASID Carolinas.

5 days to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for architectural tours, many behind- the- scenes visits and interactive activities (including shopping and gallery crawls and amazing food!)
Thank you, Melinda, Anna, and team for a huge dose of inspiration, happiness and sunshine.

Sign me up for your next ASID Carolinas tour!

Susan Carson
ASID CST Chair 2018


This destination was not on our radar, but a colleague said it was worth seeing. My husband and I ventured with 26 other woman (yes my husband was the ONLY male on the trip!), designers and friends, to the amazing town of San Miguel de Allende in the mountains of Mexico.  Not only was the city a cultural surprise, our accommodations were superb and the trip so tightly orchestrated there were no hiccups. The town and its people are so inviting, we can’t wait for the next trip ! 

Cynthia B. Zimmerman

Zimmerman Interiors


Our trip to San Miguel de Allende was fantastic.  I invited 7 friends to join me and they all said yes!  We stayed in one of the Rosewood’s well-appointed, beautiful four bedroom residences adjacent to the exceptional hotel.   The tours, lunches and shopping were very enjoyable and we all learned so much about Mexican history, interior design and architecture.  Melinda and Anna were helpful, thorough and professional.  There’s something for everybody in this charming city! 



San Miguel is a designer delight and an artisan treasure trove.  The architecture is wonderful, the history is fascinating.  Melinda and Anna (who probably never slept) did a fabulous job of booking tours, great guides, and designer-focused events, to say nothing of delightful cocktail parties and dinner reservations.  They also kept us on schedule and made it all look effortless.

I am surely signing up for next-year’s trip as there is so much more to see.

Marian Chatfield, ASID

Chatfield Interiors


I have always found a sense of personal rejuvenation and design inspiration from travel. And our 5 days in San Miguel de’ Allende were certainly packed with lots of both. The local creative energy of San Miguel was perfectly balanced by the serenity of the beautifully designed Rosewood hotel.

Seeing two beautiful projects by a talented local architect was truly fascinating. It reminded me, once again, that good design is its own international language. And it was interesting to see tile being produced at  the Walker Zanger factory and interact with some of the ladies working there as we had a chance to design our own tile pattern. 
Of course, traveling with other designers provides a great opportunity to network and share insights on the business of design.
I returned home inspired, rejuvenated and ready to write that new contract I’d been turning over in my mind.
Ann Ferguson ASID

“This San Miguel de Allende trip was my second and was just as wonderful as the first.  Melinda and Anna are superb tour directors, foreseeing every issue and solving it before it happens.  Francisco is a fabulous and funny tour guide, and a superb problem-solver (and being handsome and knowing the entire population of the town doesn’t hurt either).  The town is charming, the weather is heavenly, the food is fabulous – what’s to hate?! And the price is amazingly reasonable. I’d go again in a heartbeat!”

Marian Chatfield -2019







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