Our 2012 Top Picks for Honeymoons

1) Bora Bora–This is at the top of the list every year.  Simply stunning and worth every penny!   Enjoy breakfast delivered by canoe, swim with rays and dive for pearls before relaxing in your overwater bungalow where fish swimming are your evening entertainment.

2) St. Lucia–What we fondly call the “Hawaii of the Caribbean”.  Lush, beautiful and a much shorter flight from the East Coast.  Enjoy drive in volcanos or venture over to neighboring Martinique for a day.  Word has it that Sandals Grande St. Lucia has broken ground in 2011 and will eventually have overwater bungalows.  The completion date has not been set, however.

3) Italy–This country is super user friendly for first-time travelers to Europe and Italians have perfected love and enjoyment of life.   What better place to celebrate the beginning of a new life together.  Perfect for a honeymoon where you want to explore, relax and just enjoy.  Definitely make sure you have a custom itinerary and focus on a region or several select cities.  There is just too much to see…don’t try to fit everything in a week, relax and savor the destination.

4) Paris–Tried and true.  What could be more romantic than kissing on a bridge with the sound of a sax in the background, or gazing at each other over a caraffe of wine in a Left Bank bistro, or watching the city slip by as you hold hands and sip champagne on the Seine.  Sound cliché?  No, not really…Paris after dark exudes all of the romance it has ever portrayed in the movies.

5) Jamaica–A forever favorite of our honeymoon clients.  If you want an island honeymoon with easy nonstop service from the East Coast, or Midwest, then look no further.  Jamaica has everything from intimate 5 star properties to all-inclusive fun.   Affordable luxury abounds on Jamaica and destination weddings are so easy here.   Jamaica really has it all…great beaches, eco-adventure, blue..blue water, friendly people, championship golf, vibrant cities and secluded retreats.

4) The Islands of Hawaii–A classic honeymoon favorite that never gets old.   If you are looking for a great combination of relaxing days at the beach and a plethora of activities to do outside your resort then this is the destination for you with an island that is sure to match your personality.

5) Antigua–Land of 365 beaches…one for every day of the year they say.  What I loved best was the clear blue water against powdery sand.   If you want a 5 star all-inclusive experience then this is the island for you.  The sunset cruises here are a must.

6) Riviera Maya, Mexico–Still a favorite after all this time.  Enjoy sleepy fishing villages, vibrant towns with tons of local color and excitement, ancient ruins, fantastic diving and snorkeling and some of the most luxurious resorts.

7) New Zealand–Romance and luxury combined with breath taking natural beauty.  New Zealand is an amazing destination and we recommend island hoping and exploring luxury lodges, wineries, and eco adventure at every turn.   If you are a spa goer and foodie then this is your destination too.   Enjoy  AMAZING dining, paired with perfect New Zealand wines or succumb to zen inducing treatments in world class spas.

8) Santorini– Explore the island by car or get lost on foot in narrow village side streets exploring shops and galleries.   Enjoy glowing sunsets over crater lakes and volcanic beaches as whitewashed houses glow in the light.  In fact light is one of the best words to describe Santorini.

9) Portugal–Enjoy Lisbon, one of the prettiest and friendliest cities in Europe before venturing out to the Portugese wine region of Alentejo.   Enjoy haute cuisine and stay in romantic pousadas before venturing down to the Algarve and it’s towns full of 5 star resorts, art galleries, restaurants and nightclubs.  Or if you want a really unique honeymoon journey over Madeira islands for stunning natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls and volcanic reefs.

10) Exuma, Bahamas–I thought I had seen blue water, but I had never seen water the shades of blue you have in Exuma.  Just like Tiffany has a blue and Carolina has a blue, well Exuma has a blue and it is the prettiest blue I’ve ever laid eyes on.   To make it even better that blue, blue water kisses some of the lightest, softest sand I’ve ever walked on.   If you love snorkeling or diving then this is the spot for you.  Or if you just love a really great beach there is definitely a spot in the sand.

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